Grand Renewable Energy 2022 Terms of Use for Webinar

About For Online Viewing

  • Only applicants who have paid the registration fee will be provided with login information for the "My Page" section. If registration fee payment cannot be processed appropriately (i.e. due to error or interruption during processing), login information for the "My Page" cannot be provided. "My Page" login is required to present at or view sessions.
  • Conference presentation and viewing is limited to the registrant and those members registered at the time of registration. Please do not share or disclose the URL for participation or "My Page" login information with others.
  • The organizers and secretariat of this conference cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise, including the inability to view sessions due to the sharing or disclosure of login information with persons other than the registered representative or registered members, or due to the leakage of login information by the registrant.
  • In order to participate in the conference, the registrant or registered member shall be responsible for maintaining, setting up, and managing the computer, usage environment, communication equipment, communication lines, and other facilities necessary for participation.
  • Recording of webinars is prohibited.
  • Please access sessions from a stable Internet connection.
  • In some cases, a "Recording" indicator may appear in the upper right corner of the stream; this indicates that the secretariat is recording the stream content, Q&A, chat, and other session-side content, and not the participant's environment.


  • As this conference will be streamed over the Internet using a Zoom webinar, participation may not be possible depending on device and Internet connection conditions, etc. Please ensure your environment is appropriate for access to this service before the conference.
    Webinars are subject to cancellation, postponement, or interruption at the discretion of the organizers.

About Webinar Content

  • All intellectual property rights in the video, audio, and etc. of this conference shall be reserved by the relevant presenter and said presenter's organization.
  • Reproduction or public transmission without permission of the rights holder for purposes other than personal use is illegal under the Copyright Act of Japan and other laws, and may constitute copyright infringement and neighboring rights infringement.


  • Violating the terms and conditions of the web service (e.g., the Zoom service) where the conference is held is prohibited.