What's JCRE

1.Organization Name

Corporate, Non-Profit Organization
Japan Council for Renewable Energy (JCRE)

2.Greeting by President

Japan Council for Renewable Energy (JCRE) was established to promote renewable energy R&D and deployment under collaboration with AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), NEF (New Energy Foundation) and strong support by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), in June, 2007, after the International Conference and Exhibition "Renewable Energy 2006" was held for the first time in Japan. It restarted as a non-profit organization in January, 2016.

JCRE covers not only individual technical fields but also policy, new concept, architecture, hydrogen, energy network etc. to provide total view of renewable energy integration to society. Since 2006, 4 international conferences (every four years, the latest one was in June, 2018 in Yokohama) and 13 international exhibitions and forums (every year) have been held to show and share latest technology and future of renewable energy.

Although deployment of renewable energy has spread rapidly and widely, to overcome fossil fuel limitation and global warming, still various supports are necessary to sustain. And limitations of traditional energy infrastructures have also become evident. To further promote renewable energy, well-designed policy and new technologies for large scale storage&transport, smart control and grid connection etc. are needed, and sharing these new knowledge is essential to accelerate renewable energy deployment.

We will continuously contribute to acceleration of renewable energy integration to society by holding regular international conferences and exhibitions under collaboration with experts of academic societies, industries, international institutes and governments.

July 1, 2018
President, Yoshiro Owadano
Corporate, Non-Profit Organization
Japan Council for Renewable Energy

3.Progress of Activities

October 2006

Covering all RE areas, the 1st international conference as Japan, naming Renewable Energy 2006 International Conference (RE2006), was successfully implemented by contribution of major organizer, JCRE.
It was held on October 9-13, 2006 in Makuhari Messe.

June, 2007

Establishment of Japan Council for Renewable Energy
With the solid statement of activity continuation for RE promotion, it was newly organized involving NEDO, AIST, NEF of socio-governmental organizations onto RE2006 Organizing Committee major members.

January, 2016:

The organization of JCRE was shifted to Corporate, Non-Profit Organization. The date is January 20, 2016 authorized from Bureau of Legal Affairs.

Trail and Activity Explanation of JCRE

4.Foundation Date

June 8, 2007 Japan Council for Renewable Energy (JCRE)
January 20, 2016 Corporate, Non-Profit Organization
Japan Council for Renewable Energy

5.Organization Objectives and Activity Areas

• Objectives
This Organization plays activities of technology research and development on Renewable Energy through the international forum, exhibition, and International Conference, resulting in the contribution to the sustainable global environment besides the energy policy establishment.
• Activity Areas
1)Planning and Promotion of World Exhibition covering whole renewable energy areas
2)Organizing for International Forum covering whole renewable energy areas
3)Co-Organizing for International Conference covering whole renewable energy areas
4)Activities required to achieve Objectives other than the items written above


Organization (pdf)

[Corporate NPO, Japan Council for Renewable Energy]

Yoshiro Owadano
Emeritus Researcher
Masayuki Kamimoto
Vice President
Hirosaki University
Assistant to the President,
Hirosaki University
Kosuke Kurokawa
Former President
Emeritus Professor
Tokyo University of
Agriculture and Technology

[Historical General Chairman of Renewable Energy International Cobference]

Kosuke Kurokawa
Emeritus Professor
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Takao Kashiwagi
Distinguished Professor
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kenji Yamaji
Emeritus Professor
The University of Tokyo
Kazuhiko Ogimoto
The University of Tokyo

Executive Advisors Advisory Committee Corporate, Non-Profit Organization Japan Council for Renewable Energy Steering Committee Executive Organization General Affairs Committee Exhibition Committee Area3 Area2 Area8 Area4 Area7 Area1 Area5 Area11 Area12 Area10 Area6 Area9

Corporate, Non-Profit Organization, JCRE
Former PresidentKosuke Kurokawa Emeritus Prof., Tokyo Univ. of A & T
PresidentYoshiro Owadano Emeritus Researcher, AIST
Vice PresidentMasayuki Kamimoto Assist.to the president, Hirosaki Univ.
DirectorMakoto Ikeda JCRE Secretary General
DirectorMasanori Nishino JCRE Chief Officer
DirectorHaruki Sato Emeritus Prof., Keio University
DirectorTakeaki Miyazaki Special Researcher, The Univ. of Tokyo
DirectorTetsuro Nagata Researcher, Institute of Energy Strategy
DirectorJiro Ohno President of SDC
DirectorShinji Takano Vice President of GeoHPAJ
DirectorMayumi Matsumoto Guest Associate Prof. of The Univ. of Tokyo
AuditorKoichi Sakuta Former International MGR, AIST
AuditorToshiyuki Tosha Prof., Kumamoto University

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Executive Organization
Yoshiro Owadano AIST, Emeritus Researcher
Masayuki Kamimoto Hirosaki University
Izumi Ushiyama Ashikaga University
Makoto Konagai Tokyo City University
Yoshiteru Sato NEDO
Masaru Nakaiwa AIST
Ryuichi Ito NEF

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Executive Advisors
Nobuo Tanaka Sasagawa Peace Foundation
Yoichi Kaya RITE
Hiroshi Uehara Takahashi I&ER Foundation
Shunji Mase Takahashi I&ER Foundation
Kiyoshi Tsutsui NTT Facilities

*Reps from Industries @International Conference

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Advisory Committee
Special ChairTakao Kashiwagi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Special ChairKenji Yamaji RITE
memberKenichi Kimura Waseda University, emeritus
memberKenichiro Ohta Yokohama National Univ., Emeritus
memberOsamu Motomatsu JEMA
*Reps from Industries @International Conference

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Steering Committee
ChairYoshiro Owadano AIST, Emeritus
Deputy ChairMsayuki Kamimoto Hirosaki University
Vice ChairHiroyuki Kondo NEDO
Secretariat OfficerMakoto Ikeda JCRE
Secretariat OfficerMasanori Nishino JCRE
Special MemberAkitsugu Koga JST
Special MemberChuichi Arakawa Kyoto University
Special MemberTakeshi Kinoshita Nagasaki Institute of Applied Sciences
Special MemberMitsuhiro Udagawa Kogakuin University, Emiritus
Special MemberMichio Kondo AIST
Special MemberTakeshi Ishihara The University of Tokyo
Special MemberNobuyuki Sunaga Tokyo Metropolitan University
Special MemberShigeru Niki AIST
Special MemberKen Takagi The University of Tokyo
Special MemberYusaku Yano AIST
Special MemberKatsuhiko Kadoguchi AIST
Special MemberTetsuro Ngata Institute of Energy Strategics
Special MemberOsamu Ikki RTS
Special MemberShinichi Kubota NEF
Special MemberHiroshi Hasuike IAE
Special MemberRyo Tanaka NTT Faciklities
Special MemberTakashi Fuyuki NAIST
Special MemberJunichi Saiki Fuji SBi

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General Affairs Committee
ChairYutaka Genchi AIST
memberSetsuko Wakabayashi NEDO
memberYutaka Ugamochi TEPCO
memberKenji Takahashi YAZAK
memberMayumi Matsumoto The University of Tokyo
memberTakuya Oda Tokyo Institute of Technology
memberMitsuru Sakamoto NEDO
memberMasato Tazawa AIST
memberNorio Yanagisawa AIST
memberTatsuo Yagishita AIST
memberNorikazu Soma AIST
memberToshihiro Koguri NEF
memberJunko Umezawa JST
memberShigakazu Kawagoe JSES
memberKeiichi Komoto Mizuho Research Institute

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Exhibition Committee
ChairYoshiro Owadano AIST, Emeritus
Vice ChairKazunori Arai Fuji SBi
Vice ChairSetsuko Wakabayashi NEDO
memberYuka Kamata NEDO
memberToshihiro Koguri NEF
Secretariat OfficeYuji Tanaka 8Leader) CNT
DittoMitsuaki Tanaka CNT
DittoYoshito So CNT
DittoKen Hashimoto Fuji SBi

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7.Rule of Sum, and Activity Procedures

Rule of Sum

Activity Procedures

8.Logo Mark in subject



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The 12 Areas

The 12 Areas

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  • Policy&Concept
  • Photovoltaic
  • Solar Thermal Utillization
  • Low Energy Arhitecture
  • Wind Energy
  • Biomass Utillization & Conversion
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cell
  • Ocean Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Grid & Mobility Society
  • Heart Pump & Energy Efficiency
  • Small Hydoro & Small Hydro,Non-Conventional Energy