Subject to Renewable Energy


Described below is a relation between Renewable Energy, sustained on earth as long as solar existence, and New Energy, defined in Japanese law as fossil alternative energy of close practical but governmental support which covers not only supply but also demand sides. JCRE, Japan Council for Renewable Energy, promotes both development and deployment from the advanced technology path.

Renewable Energy /New Energy (Energy contributing to CO2 reduction resulting in Global Warming Measure)

2.Challenge for Global Sustainability

"Living in One World" is a common slogan for all forms of life. This can be achieved under proper temperature and luck of water. The planet capable doing it is only our earth in infinity space. Materialized culture had advanced tremendously progressed in recent 100 plus years by fossil fuel utilization technology, resulted in building modern favorable society. On the other hand, negative effect was closed up like global warming and the concession struggle connected with oil field. Especially the former is urgent issue for people on earth. We should never do the change of earth environment in such a short period. Globe livelihood had formulated through the innumerable long, long time.
In order to achieve, one of capable tools is to utilize renewable energy, and new energy (i.e. fossil alternative energy) in maximum. Challenges sum technology development, cost reduction, cooperation, and systematized cross communication between industry supply side and civil demand side. Energy conservation, existing energy modification to clean and green energy, fundamental technology development easy for introducing renewable energy, enlargement of CO2 absorption area, furthermore, magnetic, laser and cosmic rays technologies in space world, etc, all are essential technology to challenge.

JCRE promises to tackle above technologies in collaboration with all intelligent members and cooperation concerned.


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