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Jul 15, 2013 Topics The Report on Energy Policy in Japan, discussed in the General Subcommittee of METI-led Resources and Energy General Committee, June 27-IEEJ e-Newsletter No.17
Jun 28, 2013 Topics Publication of Home Page, Grand Renewable Energy 2014 International Conference- Call for ABSTRACT !!
Jun 28, 2013 Topics IEEJ e-Newsletter No.16, June 2013-Overview of the Global Situation, China, Mid.East, Russia, EU
May 24, 2013 Topics Hot Information from IRENA-Renewable Energy Innovation Policy:Success Criteria and Strategies
Apr 20, 2013 Topics Introduction of IRENA Activities, Events and Publications, 16 April 2013
Apr 20, 2013 Topics IEEJ e-Newsletter April 2013: Started for Reassessment of National Energy Policy Plan
Mar 19, 2013 Topics IEEJ e-Newsletter March 2013; Energy Policy in Japan like Power Supply & Distribution System, Nuclear Policy Discussion,etc)
Feb 04, 2013 Topics Updated Two Page Brochure of Grand RE2014 International Conference
Feb 04, 2013 Topics Hot Info of Intermediate Report-Grand Renewable Energy 2014 International Conference of Intermediate Report
Dec 19, 2012 Topics IEEJ e-Newsletter No.9 Release : Energy Policy in Japan, etc
Nov 21, 2012 Topics "IEEJ e-Newsletter No.8, including LNG Market, Mega-Solar Power Generation situation, etc
Nov 10, 2012 Topics IEEJ e-Newsletter No.7: Discussion on Energy Best Mix in Japan, and so on
Sep 29, 2012 Topics Fuel Cell Vehicle,2015 Market-Toyota, Honda, also Hyndai-Pari Motor Show
Sep 14, 2012 Topics Introduction of Advanced Energy Seminar by AES Center of Tokyo Institute of Technology,Oct.11
Aug 17, 2012 Topics IEEJ e-Newsletter No.5 : Energy Policy in Japan, Over View of the Global Situation
Jul 19, 2012 Topics Intro for Conference, DeepWind'2013, 10th Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D Conference in Norway
Jun 15, 2012 Topics IEEJ e-Newsletter No.3, published June 15, 2012. Energy Policy in Japan etc.
May 17, 2012 Topics Hot News on Energy Movement, issued by IEEJ e-Newsletter No.2
May 04, 2012 Topics AIST Sympo Info(Jun.8) "Future Vision of Geo-Heat Utilization as effective renewable enrgy"
Apr 14, 2012 Topics Hot News on Energy Movement, issued by IEEJ e-Newsletter No.1

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