What's JCRE

1.Organization Name

Corporate, Non-Profit Organization
Japan Council for Renewable Energy (JCRE)

2.Greeting by Representatives

We sincerely express thanks given to our activities with great support and cooperation.

The first international conference, Renewable Energy 2006, was implemented for October 9 to 13, 2006 in Makuhari Messe, which was the first one in Japan focusing renewable energy, where, The Makuhari Communique with slogan, "Advanced Technology Paths to Global Sustainability", was adopted as closing message in the final day of the conference. Under the strong mind of continuation of this honorable conference not to be ended one time, we proposed it, resulting in the support from METI and the new organization of Japan Council for Renewable Energy (JCRE) built on June 8, 2007 with the organizational support of National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (AIST), New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO), and New Energy Foundation(NEF).

We specified the activities like the international conference every four year, the world exhibition every year, and the international forum every year except for the year of international conference. Through such continuous activities, we believe to be able to contribute to the word, Renewable Energy, to be common.

Our activity must be sustainable as same as renewable energy. Considering the time is well-suited, we decided to obtain the corporate qualification and have received the certification of Non-Profit Organization on January 20, 2016. In this opportunity, we will do the activities having two wings in foreseeing the future.

One is continuation of activities so far such as every year exhibition and international forum, and the international conference every four years. We will make them more fruitful than before through the internal and external network among the specialists belonging to each area, cooperation with international academic societies, international agencies, and assented industrial leagues, and the functional connection with academic societies, national institutes, general and public corporate organizations.

Another is to actuate the membership activities by those applicable to our organization. We are expecting the members gathering those having the interest on renewable energy deployment and the special intelligence on this area. We will formulate the new fellow ring of routine activities so as to disseminate renewable energy.

The speed of recent movements toward low carbon society, green and clean societies is so fast. That might be similar to the just time before the energy revolution. Looking at area by area, we can find out easily to integrate the characteristic renewable energies and best mix idea. This concrete process will contribute to realize the optimization of demand-supply integrated energy network in local area by area, using the featured renewable energy resources. In other word, "Renewable Energy Ensemble" becomes possible. Japan Council for Renewable Energy now re-started, as I strongly intend, will contribute founding the great stage for Ensemble to be able to play it with concentration and competitiveness using technology.

It is great pleasure if we take any advice and encouragement from all persons related as same as hitherto.

Corporate, Non-Profit Organization Chair, Kosuke Kurokawa
Professor emeritus, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Chairman, Renewable Energy 2006 International Conference

3.Progress of Activities

October 2006

Covering all RE areas, the 1st international conference as Japan, naming Renewable Energy 2006 International Conference (RE2006), was successfully implemented by contribution of major organizer, JCRE.
It was held on October 9-13, 2006 in Makuhari Messe.

June, 2007

Establishment of Japan Council for Renewable Energy
With the solid statement of activity continuation for RE promotion, it was newly organized involving NEDO, AIST, NEF of socio-governmental organizations onto RE2006 Organizing Committee major members.

Trail and Activity Explanation of JCRE

4.Foundation Date

June 8, 2007 Japan Council for Renewable Energy (JCRE)
January 20, 2016 Corporate, Non-Profit Organization
Japan Council for Renewable Energy

5.Organization Objectives and Activity Areas

• Objectives
This Organization plays activities of technology research and development on Renewable Energy through the international forum, exhibition, and International Conference, resulting in the contribution to the sustainable global environment besides the energy policy establishment.
• Activity Areas
1)Planning and Promotion of World Exhibition covering whole renewable energy areas
2)Organizing The International Forum covering whole renewable energy areas
3)Co-Organizing The International Conference covering whole renewable energy areas
4)Activities required to achieve Objectives other than the items written above


Organization (pdf)

Advisory Committee
Takao Kashiwagi
Advisory Committee
Kenji Yamaji
Vice Chairman
Dr. Masayuki Kamimoto
Vice Chairman
Dr. Yoshiro Owadano
Chairperson, RE2010 International Conference Chairperson, Grand RE2014 International Conference Secretary General, RE International Conference Chairperson, Renewable Energy World Exhibition

Executive Advisors Advisory Committee Corporate, Non-Profit Organization Japan Council for Renewable Energy Steering Committee Executive Organization General Affairs Committee Exhibition Committee Area3 Area2 Area8 Area4 Area7 Area1 Area5 Area11 Area12 Area10 Area6 Area9

Corporate, Non-Profit Organization, JCRE
Chair Kosuke Kurokawa
Vice Chair Masayuki Kamimoto
Vice Chair Yoshiro Owadano
Trustee Makoto Ikeda
Trustee Masanori Nishino
Trustee Haruki Saro
Trustee Takeaki Miyazaki
Trustee Tetsuro Nagata
Trustee Jiro Ohno
Trustee Asahi Hattori
Auditor Koichi Sakuta
Auditor Toshiyuki Tosha

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Executive Organization
Kosuke Kurokawa
Masayuki Kamimoto
Izemi Ushiyama
Makoto Konagai
Munehiko Tsuchiya
Yoshiro Owadano
Ryuichi Ito

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Executive Advisors
Nobuo Tanaka
Yoichi Kaya
Hiroshi Uehara
Yuji Tsutsui
Shunji Mase

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Advisory Committee
Chairman Takao Kashiwagi
Chairman Kenji Yamaji
Members Kenichi Kimura
Members Ken-ichiro Ota
Members Osam Motomatu

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Steering Committee
ChairKosuke Kurokawa
Chair, DeputyMasayuki Kamimoto
Vice ChairYoshiro Owadano
Vice ChairShintaro Matsumoto
Act. OrganizerMakoto Ikeda
Senior StaffMasanori Nishino
Prenary MemberTetsuro Nagata
Prenary MemberChuichi Arakawa
Prenary MemberTakeshi Kinoshita
Prenary MemberMitsuhiro Udagawa
Prenary MemberMichio Kondo
Prenary MemberTakeshi Ishihara
Prenary MemberYoshihisa Tawata
Prenary MemberShigenobu Watanabe
Prenary MemberAkitugu Koga
Prenary MemberYusaku Yano
Prenary MemberKatsuhiko Kadoguchi
Prenary MemberTakuya Oda
Prenary MemberOsamu Ikki
Prenary MemberRyo Tanaka
Prenary MemberShinichi Kubota
Prenary MemberHiroshi Hasuike
Prenary MemberTakashi Fuyuki
Prenary MemberJunichi Saiki

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General Affairs Committee
ChairYutaka Genchi
Vice ChairKenji Itakura
MemberYutaka Ugamochi
MemberAsahi Hattori
MemberMasato Tanabe
MemberShigekazu Kawagoe
MemberTsuyoshi Yoshida
MemberNorikazu Soma
MemberTeruaki Saito
MemberJunko Umezawa
MemberKeiichi Komoto
MemberKenji Takahashi
MemberMayumi Matsumoto
MemberTatsuo Yagishita
MemberNorio Yanagisawa
MemberShunsuke Saegusa
MemberToshiriro Koguri

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Exhibition Committee
ChairYoshiro Owadano
Vice ChairKazunori Arai
MemberTeruaki Saito
MemberToshiriro Koguri
MemberShunsuke Saegusa

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7.Rule of Sum, and Activity Procedures

Rule of Sum

Activity Procedures

8.Logo Mark in subject



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The 12 Areas

The 12 Areas

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  • Policy&Concept
  • Photovoltaic
  • Solar Thermal Utillization
  • Low Energy Arhitecture
  • Wind Energy
  • Biomass Utillization & Conversion
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cell
  • Ocean Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Grid & Mobility Society
  • Heart Pump & Energy Efficiency
  • Small Hydoro & Small Hydro,Non-Conventional Energy