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Grand RE2022 Message

Renewable energy is indispensable for all living things towards a clean, healthier and the most equitable energy for transition. COP26, held in Glasgow for October 31 to November 12, was a good opportunity and a time to move The Paris Agreement in COP21 to real urgent action. At 2 degrees of global warming, there would be widespread and severe impacts on people and nature. In addition to the irreversible warming and unusual weather, The Arctic Sea ice would melt entirely at least one summer per decade, with devastating impacts on the wildlife and communities. At 1.5°C, the impacts would be serious, but less severe. There would be lower risks of food and water shortages, lower risks to economic growth and fewer species at risk of extinction. By the second half of this century, we should be producing less carbon than we take out of the atmosphere. And we must reach to ‘net zero’. To do so, the coming nine years will clarify whether we can achieve the speed and scale of deployment necessary for the reduction of a 45% greenhouse gas emission from the year 2010 actual. The highest levels of ambition and effort are required, thinking about “How to accelerate Renewable Energy Integration” both in supply side and user side.

The practical challenge for carbon neutral society must cover energy supply, energy conversion, energy conservation, green hydrogen, smart integration, cloud computing for all things. Government support and financial strategy are also important together with advanced technology development. Deep academic knowledge of electricity, electronics, mechanics, physics, chemicals, biology, architecture, civil, mathematics, meteorology, sociology, systems, finance, and integrated management must be necessary for well provision to achieve.

We have great expectation and feel glad to hear about presentation and discussion on these crucial issues from the excellent researchers, academia, engineers, economist, and politician of all over the world through the 700 papers covering 12 renewable energy areas. Plenary session by the invited speakers, more than 15 experts, are also planned.

The conference is held from December 13 to 20, 2022 in online except Saturday and Sunday,
We, Organizing Committee, welcome all the participants in Grand Renewable Energy 2022 Conference.

Kazuhiko Ogimoto
  • General Chair
  • Prof. Kazuhiko Ogimoto
  • The Univ. of Tokyo
Yoshiro Owadano
  • General Deputy Chair
  • Dr. Yoshiro Owadano
  • Emeritus Researcher, AIST
Takeshi Ishihara
  • General Deputy Chair
  • Prof. Takeshi Ishihara
  • The Univ. of Tokyo


  • Kenji Yamaji (Chair in RITE, General Chair of Grand RE2014)
  • Takao Kashiwagi (Special Prof. of Tokyo Institute of Tech,, General Chair of RE2010)
  • Kosuke Kurokawa (Emeritus Prof. of Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech., General Chair of RE2006)
  • Izumi Ushiyama (Chair in Ashikaga Univ., Program Chair in RE2006, Advisory Board every time)
  • Makoto Konagai (Prof. in Tokyo City Univ., Advisory Board every time)
  • Takeshi Kinoshita (Emeritus Prof. of The Univ. of Tokyo, General Co-Chair in GRE2018)
  • Chuichi Arakawa (Emeritus Prof. of The Univ. of Tokyo, Deputy Chair in WWEA)
  • Fumiyo Harada (Executive Director in charge of GRIT, Development Bank of Japan)
Kenji Yamaji
  • Dr. Kenji Yamaji
takao Kashiwagi
  • Prof. takao Kashiwagi
Kosuke Kurokawa
  • Prof. Kosuke Kurokawa
Izumi Ushiyama
  • Prof. Izumi Ushiyama
Makoto Konagai
  • Prof. Makoto Konagai
Takeshi Kinoshita
  • Prof. Takeshi Kinoshita
Chuichi Arakawa
  • Prof. Chuichi Arakawa
Fumiyo Harada
  • Ms. Fumiyo Harada