Deadline for Applications: March 25, 2019

Booth Specifications and Exhibition Fee

A Type Booth

Booth specifications
1 booth (width 2.97m × depth 2.97m • center to center)

Exhibition fee
380,000 yen (tax excluded, per booth)

Layout of booths
You can select any floor pattern from those below according to the number of modular panels you wish to use.

①Row type
1 to 7 booths
(with basic wall panels for the back and slides)

②Block (double) booths
4 or 6 booths
(with basic wall panels for the back and slides)
(Two or three sides open)

③Island (double) booths
8, 10, 12 booths
(Four sides open without any wall panels)

④Island (triple) booths
9, 12, 15, 18 booths
(Four sides open without any wall panels)

* If you need more than 19 booths, please contact the show office.

Booth layout and height limit

1 to 7 booths: Exhibitors can decorate the booths to a height of 2.7 m. (a one-meter decoration of up to 3.6 meters.)

More than 8 booths: Exhibitors can decorate the booths to a height of 5 m.

B Type Booth  *decorations and furniture included

Booth specifications
1 booth (width 1.98m × depth 1.98m • center to center)

Exhibition fee
243,000 yen (tax excluded, decorations included)

The offer cannot be combined with A type booth. Up to two booths per company

Included in the exhibition fee:

  • Wall: System panel (white, W1980×D1980×H2700)
  • Parapet: System panel (white, H300)
  • Company name plate
  • Floor with carpet (choose from red, blue and green)
  • Electric construction and charge (1kW)
  • Lightning: LED light 20W×1, LED spotlight 15W×2、electrical outlet×1
  • Furniture: Information counter (W900×D450×H800) ×1
  • Folding chair×1

* No deductions can be made even when the basic display mentioned above is not used.

Package Plan

One booth type  95,000 yen (excluding tax)

Two booth type  150,000 yen (excluding tax)

Included in the exhibition fee:

  • Wall: System panel (white, W2970×D2970×H2700)
  • Parapet: System panel (white, H300)
  • Company name plate (W1800×H400)
  • Floor with carpet (choose from red, blue and green)
  • Electric construction and charge (1kW)
  • Lightning: LED light 20W×1, LED spotlight 15W×2、electrical outlet×1
  • Furniture: Information counter (W900×D450×H800) ×1
  • Folding chair×1

* Other furniture will be available in the Exhibitor Manual.



March 25, 2019 Exhibition application deadline
April Floor Plan and Exhibitor Manual Release
May Invitation Tickets and Envelopes Release
July 8 (Mon.) ~9 (Tue.) Booth construction, decoration setting up
July 10 (Wed.) ~12 (Fri.) “RENEWABLE ENERGY 2019”
July 12 (Fri.) Removal

Deadline for Applications: March 25, 2019


Agreement Other Precautions Concerning Participation

Booth Application

Companies wishing to rent a booth at the Renewable Energy 2019 Exhibition should fill out the necessary items in the Booth Application Form and mail it to the Show Office. Applications for booths may be rejected if they are judged not to comply with the purpose of the exhibition.

Methods of Payment

An invoice is issued after the application for renting a booth is accepted. Please transfer the amount on the invoice to the nominated bank account by the date indicated. The bank fee for the transfer is paid by the exhibitor. Also please note that if there is no payment by the date given, the application for the booth may be cancelled and that a cancellation charge will apply.

Cancellation of application for participation

In principle, cancellations are not accepted. However, the organizer may accept a request for cancellation if there are deemed to be legitimate reasons, subject to the following cancellation fee.

After March 25, 2019 100% of the participation fee

If the exhibitor has yet to pay the amount shown above, it should be paid promptly. If the amount the exhibitor has already paid exceeds the amount shown above, the organizer will refund the balance.

Costs included in the booth charge

  • Basic booths (rear and side walls/Octanorm used)
  • Site use fee during regular hours
  • Construction and maintenance costs for common facilities
  • Visitor promotion costs
  • Invitation cards for users
  • Costs related to visitor services (Preparation of site information, etc.)
  • Cost of running the site office, safety management, and security

Costs not included in the booth charge

  • Costs incurred by exhibitors for decorating their booths and the costs of bringing in and running their booths
  • Facilities for obtaining gas, water, and other services (primary line construction costs, secondary construction costs, and usage costs)
  • Cost of temporarily installing communication circuits for temporary telephones and so on, and communication fees
  • Insurance covering the exhibitor's own exhibits and also injury to persons
  • Compensation for damage or loss of site facilities, fixtures or other companies' exhibits
  • Costs incurred for disposal of remaining materials and garbage, such as discarded decoration materials
  • Other costs which are considered not to be included in the normal exhibition fees

Booth layout

The organizer will determine the booth layout after considering the order of application, number of booth and exhibit items. These will be announced at the explanatory session for exhibitors.

Handling of joint display

If two or more applicants are making a joint display, one company should lodge the application as a representative and notify the organizer of the coexhibitor's company name etc. Communication from the organizer's office will be sent only to one representative company.

Prohibition of leasing, selling, conveying and exchanging booth areas

The exhibitors and booth applicants must obtain the approval of the sponsor in advance when lending, selling, conveying or exchanging a part or all of the exhibit area.

Constant presence in booth

The exhibitor or its agent must wear an exhibitor badge designated by the organizer during the exhibit period and must always be present in the booth. These individuals shall serve visitors and manage the booth items.


When an exhibitor or its agent damages another booth, exhibition facilities, site facilities or injures an individual or such, said exhibitor will be responsible for compensation.


It is recommended that the exhibitor take out liability insurance for necessary items for the period from when items used in the exhibit are transported to the venue until they are removed.

Delay or cancellation of the exhibition

When it is decided that holding the trade fair would be difficult due to a natural disaster, man-made calamity or for other reasons, the organizer shall delay or cancel the trade fair. In the event of cancellation, the booth charge will be returned to the exhibitor minus necessary costs. The organizer shall take responsibility for bearing other costs, damages and suchlike.

Delivery and removal of exhibit items

The period for delivering exhibit items and suchlike to the venue, the fitout period at the site and other details will be explained at the exhibitors' information session. During the period of the trade fair, exhibitors are prohibited from delivering, removing or moving exhibit items without the permission of the organizer.
The exhibitor shall be responsible for maintaining and cleaning the exhibited items and items in the booth. The organizer shall remove exhibited items and articles not removed by the designated removal date at the expense and risk of the exhibitor.

Use of microphones and restrictions on volume

The use of microphones inside booth to explain products, the volume of AV equipment and the volume of sound emitted by the products themselves shall be kept within the level of common sense as far as possible considering relationships with nearby booths.
Live music is prohibited.

Operation and exemption of responsibility

The organizer shall establish and revise the various regulations to ensure the smooth running of the exhibition. In addition, items not included in the exhibit procedures may be determined individually and the procedures added to or changed.
If an exhibitor violates the exhibit procedures, the exhibit rules or other material in the exhibitor manual, the exhibitor may be denied permission to set up their booth. In this case, the booth rental will not be refunded. The organizer shall control the site by contracting with a security firm for the entire period from delivery and other preparations to removal. However, the organizer bears absolutely no responsibility for damage, losses, theft or suchlike of exhibit items.

Approval of exhibit procedures and rules

All exhibitors and their agents shall be deemed as having approved the exhibit procedures and other rules established by the organizer when they submit a booth application.

Schedule up to the exhibition

  1. Submission of the Booth Application
    Entities wishing to hire a booth are requested to read through this procedure and submit a Booth Application Form.
  2. An invoice for the booth will be sent when a Booth Application is received.
  3. Holding of an exhibitors' information session
    At this session, the exhibitors will receive Exhibitor Manuals and forms for guidebooks concerning preparations and operation of the trade fair, electricity and various other application forms. An explanation will also be provided concerning the delivery, fitout work, operation and removal of items.
  4. Delivery, exhibition schedule and removal
    Basic organizer construction, exhibitor decoration and equipment delivery July 8 (Mon) - 9 (Tue), 2019
    Exhibition schedule July 10 (Wed) - 12 (Fri), 2019
    Removal July 12 (Fri), 2019

Cancellation of the exhibition

If a natural catastrophe or other circumstances beyond the control of the organizers necessitate cancelling, rescheduling or postponing the exhibition, the organizers will not accept liability for any damages, expenses or losses incurred by the exhibitors.