Miyagawa LAB., School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, WASEDA UNIV.
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Exhibit highlight In Miyagawa laboratory of WASEDA University, we study about turbomachines converting energy between rotors and fluid.
Our research outputs have been applied to a wide range of turbo machines, such as liquid hydrogen turbo-pumps, axial / diagonal pumps for ship propulsion or water pumping, hydraulic turbines, and turbochargers.
By means of adopting numerical simulations or experiments to both machines and elements, the improvement of performance and reliability has been accomplished. The main topics are, blade optimization, understanding of the internal flow and the cavitation erosion, the evaluation of the rotor system stability.
The following R&D results are exhibited.
-Unshrouded runner of the hydro turbine
-New hydro turbine capable of a wide range of flow and head
-The new hydro turbine system generating with recycled automobile HV unit
-Liquid hydrogen pump
  • Ocean Energy
  • Small Hydro & Non-Conventional Energy