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Exhibit highlight Metacon KK intends to develop in Japan the unique methane steam reforming technology of Helbio in Greece, a subsidiary of Metacon AB in Sweden. This tecnology is not using a burner for heating a steam reforming reactor, but a cataritic reaction for heating reactor. The new product H2PS-5, which is used of this technology, is extremely efficient bacause of smallest heat loss. By combining unique reformer technology with a polymer electrolyte fuel cell, H2PS-5 can be applied to small-scale power generation by using biogas from cow dung, backup power will be supplied for mobile base stations, emergensy power supply, and so on. Compared with existing engine generators, noise is low and energy efficiency is better, and heat can be used as hot water. Three types of fuel such as natural gas (city gas), LPG, and biogas are available for use. Besides that, this steam reforming technology can be applied to construct a small scale high purity hydrogen gas generator by using PSA gas purification system. Purity of hydrogen is up to 99.9%.
Major Product

CHP system(H2PS-5)

Hydrogen reformer system

  • Biomass Utilization & Conversion
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cell
  • Energy Network