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Division Solution Business Group
Exhibit highlight We are continuing to study reuse and recycling technologies for solar cell modules used in solar power generation facilities ,and lithium ion battery modules used for electric vehicles. we have developed technologies that can be selected using our original diagnostic systems (solar simulator and charge / discharge device).
In this exhibition, we will introduce our product such as power generation facilities and power supply devices that are using reuse solar cell modules and reuse lithium ion battery modules.
The power generation facility installed in Misawa City, Aomori Prefecture uses a solar battery module (30 kW) damaged by flooding in Hokkaido for power generation and a used lithium ion battery (10 kWh) for electricity storage.
The independent power supply equipment used in situations where grid connection is not possible, such as at the time of disasters and event venues, similarly uses a power generation module (1 kW) and a storage module (1.2 kWh).
Based on advanced recycling technology of end-of-life modules, we are expanding to reuse technology and achieving effective use of resources, reduction of environmental impact and CO2 reduction.
Major Product

Independent power supply equipment

PV frame remover

  • Photovoltaics
  • Energy Storage & System
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