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Exhibit highlight "Geothermal Energy"!, a huge amount of energy resource being stored deep inside the undergroud of the Earth. "Geothermal Power Generation"!, harnessing this seemingly unlimited geothermal energy. While Japan is the third largest country of geothermal energy resource in the world, it is ranked as low as tenth of the world in terms of geothermal power generation. So we continue our challenge to expand further geothermal power generation in Japan.
Among renewable energies, "Geothermal Power Generation" is now attracting strong attention of many people. We present in ways easy to understand on Geothermal Power Generation by video movies, panels and running a mechanism model. Also in our "Geothermal Acadmy",we make presentations on the latest topics of geothermal energy and geothermal power generation for your deeper understandings.
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