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Exhibit highlight The last target of wind power is the deep sea which is deeper than 200m.Off shore wind power which is used in the deep sea should be with floating system.It's very difficult to maintain the system which is far away from the land.Mechanism for wind turbine should be without gears and springs.Off shore wind turbine system with vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) could be one of solution in future.The weak point of VAWT is the low torque in low wind velocity.VAWT with leading edge slat which was proposed by Mr.Ueno might be one of solution.I've made the prototype of leading edge slat and made the evaluation last year. I've made the presentation at Academic gallery last year.I've made the prototype of movable leading edge slat(MLES) this year.The combination of MLES and VAWT with flip up mechanism might be very usefull for off shore wind system.Also I've made the small system with three floating towers which is combined into triangle combination.This three floating tower is on the water in small tank (diameter=55cm,height=50cm) at academic gallery booth.You can understand the concept of three floating towers with triangle combination.
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