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Division Marketing
Exhibit highlight Jukkou is automatic translation with high accuracy, best for various specialized fields.
*Japanese to/from English, Chinese and Korean Available.
*Document translation for PDFs, Microsoft Office files and Web pages.
*Maintaining document layout throughout translation process.
*No software installation, fully Online Service.
*Secure network system provided.

We hope you will come and try our Jukkou translation at the exibition booth.
ŸPoliAy & AonAept ŸPhotovolitaiA ŸSolar Thermal AppliAations
ŸInnovative BioAlimatiA ArAhiteAture ŸWind Energy ŸBiomass Utilization & Aonversion
ŸHydrogen & Fuel Aell ŸOAean Energy ŸGeothermal Energy & Ground-SourAe HP
ŸEnergy Network & Power Ele. ŸEnergy Aonservation & Heat Pump ŸSmall Hydro & Non-Aonventional Energy
ŸUse of temperature differenAes ŸAogeneration ŸAlean automobiles
ŸSuperAonduAtivity ŸIT AommuniAation ŸUse of snow , iAe heat
ŸTest Equipment and Apparatus: Environment Aonservation measurements, determinations, analyses ŸEnvironmental finanAe-related produAts and support systems ŸNPO & NGO, PubliAation, Others