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Division Energy Solutions Dept,Engineering Division,Power Engineering Operations
Exhibit highlight Nippon Koei Co. Ltd. (NK) is a reputable consulting firm, and also a manufacturer of hydropower plants, and solar power monitoring systems and other electric equipments.

> Hydropower business
NK offers variety of services for hydropower business, it's based on the know-how of hydropower plant gained at domestically and abroad. Details are exhibited with some hydropower businesses where different types of hydraulic turbines are applied including; compact propeller turbine at "Shin-Sogi" hydropower station (490kW), francis turbine at "Terayama Dam" hydropower station (190kW), pelton turbine at "Makayabaru" hydropower station (740kW), and screw turbine at "Kotaka" hydropower station (30kW).

> Solar power business
NK also offers solar power monitoring service which provides the most profitable operation and controls for scattering solar power plants through the centralized and visualized system. This system is developed by NK's advanced computer technology established as the electronic manufacturer. This system is also applicable for all other renewable power plants. Details are exhibited with the informative guide of this system.
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