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Division NAS Battery Sales & Marketing
Exhibit highlight Since 1919, NGK has sought to develop products that can contribute to a more steadfast social foundation and protect the natural environment. By fusing key materials such as porous/functional ceramics and ceramics for use as structural material with our unique molding, firing, processing and evaluation technologies, we strive to create innovative products leveraging the full potential of ceramics.

NGK were the first in the world to commercialize a NAS battery system. NGK started the development of Beta Alumina electrolyte utilizing the expertise of fine ceramic technologies in 1984, and extended it to the development of NAS in 1989 with TEPCO. Since its commercialization in 2002 up to now NAS is the most-used large scale battery with total 450MW, 3,000MWh of installed capacity worldwide.

NAS has large capacity, high energy density and long life. The NAS battery is ideal for reducing peak electricity use charging at night and discharging during peak times, can be used as an emergency power supply during power outages and momentary drops in voltage, and smooths output power of renewables such as wind and solar.
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