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Division Enviroment and Energy Division
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Exhibit highlight Exhibition of Wind- and Solar-powered Household Products

We will exhibit our wind-power and photovoltaic products with batteries which support your ecological life. They are easy to use outdoor or to install on verandas.

1. Flex Solar Pod 2: A portable and flexible solar module with a storage battery
It uses highly efficient and light-weight CIGS thin film solar cells with the 12% conversion efficiency.

2. Batchsolar Human: Tiny portable solar cell units that can be connected to each other using snap buttons
Connect multiple tiny human-shape solar cell units using the snap buttons attached to them, and use the generated electricity in your daily life.

3. TUKIAKARI: A rotating light unit powered by wind and the sun
The wind- and solar-powered LED lantern emits gentle moonlight-like light.

Please come and enjoy our exhibition where we will demonstrate how to use our new products.
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