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Exhibit highlight Transformer Inrush Current Limiter "Inrush-Limiter® T1"

When an idle transformer is re-energized, the transformer inrush current phenomenon occurs and causes various problems.

The Inrush Limiter T1 suppresses the inrush current by controlling the phase angle at which the circuit breaker closes. Since it's market launch, the Inrush Limiter has been praised for its effectiveness in limiting inrush currents. It has been used for numerous transformers in electrical power receiving substations for electrical utility companies, power receiving facilities in factories, and substations for wind-power generation facilities.

Using renewable energy, distributed power generation systems (wind power, solar power, small hydraulic power) are usually connected to low power transmission and distribution lines (over long distances at high impedance) where voltage drops associated with the inrush phenomenon are a serious concern. The Inrush Limiter plays an important role at these distribution substations.
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