Giant Energie Rinnovabili di Boito Manlio
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co-exhibitor(s) Embassy of Italy, Tokyo-Trade Promotion Office

Address Fr. Piaia, 25 Ponte nelle Alpi 32014 BL, ITALY
Tel +39-3497199927
Exhibit highlight Our solution is the application and use of wave motion provided by the waves of small height for the production of electricity, lighting, desalinated water, low cost hydrogen without CO2 emissions. With 5/10 cm of wave we have illumination. Over 25 cm of wave we have Electricity, desalinated water, low-cost hydrogen CO2 Free. We are working to develop other new solution for the use of small and slow movement not only for the waves but also for the pavement, way, shoes and slow wind to obtain Electricity.
Wind Energy OAean Energy
Small Hydro & Non-Aonventional Energy