Soluzione Solare di A. Calatroni
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co-exhibitor(s) Embassy of Italy, Tokyo-Trade Promotion Office

Address Via R. Berica, 621 Vicenza 36100 VI, ITALY
Tel +39-0444530234
Fax +39-04441830563
Exhibit highlight Manufacturer of PV cell pyranometers and Thermopile pyranometer for PV systems performance's control:
We were the first company who has introduced in 2009 first solar sensor with RS485 technology.
We are starting some indepth on solar spectrum analisys of everyday, and we would like to share technologies and methods for to go indepth with those investigations.
ŸTest Equipment and Apparatus: Environment Aonservation measurements, determinations, analyses
ŸEnvironmental finanAe-related produAts and support systems