Exhibition Categories

Products, technologies, services, peripherals and information that contribute to conservation of the global environment and biodiversity are welcome in all fields of energy and the environment.

Policy & Concept
Renewable energy promotion systems, global environment

Advanced products and materials, innovative technologies

Solar Thermal Applications
Heat and Power integration, products and systems, co-generation

Innovative Bioclimatic Architecture
Zero energy consumption, energy-efficient housing, design and construction, materials

Wind Energy
Advanced wind turbines (large to small), wind assessment tools

Biomass Utilization & Conversion
Conversion methods for heat and power, bio-fuels, applications

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell
Current and future FC products, applications, FC vehicles, hydrogen society

Ocean Energy
Power generation systems, integrated utilization, marine resources

Geothermal Energy &
Ground-Source HP
Current and advanced methods, applications and systems

Energy Network
Power Storage and System, Grid Connection, Demand Control, Smart Community, Power Electronics, Superconductor and System

Energy Conservation & Heat Pump
Heart and energy cascade, entropyapplications, FC vehicles, hydrogen society

Small Hydro &
Non-Conventional Energy

  • Future City & Eco Model City
  • Network Community
  • Save the energy, Renewable Energy, Creative Energy
  • Use of temperature differences
  • Cogeneration
  • Clean automobiles
  • Test Equipment and Apparatus: Environment conservation measurements, determinations, analyses
  • Environmental finance-related products and support systems
  • NPO & NGO / Publication / Others